Beta Testing Phase: This endpoint is currently whitelist-only. If you land a significant number of bundles through us and would like to use this feature, please reach out.

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": 1,
  "method": "eth_sendEndOfBlockBundle",
  "params": [
      txs,               // Array[String], A list of signed transactions to execute in an atomic bundle, list can be empty for bundle cancellations
      blockNumber,       // (Optional) String, a hex-encoded block number for which this bundle is valid. Default, current block number
      revertingTxHashes, // (Optional) Array[String], A list of tx hashes that are allowed to revert or be discarded     
      targetPools,       // Array[String], A list of pool addresses that this bundle is targeting

After building a block, any end-of-block bundle that contains a target pool that has been modified will be simulated at the end-of-block state. Successfully simulated bundles are then added to the block. Note: end-of-block bundles are handled with the same atomicity and revert guarantees as normal bundles.

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