Bundle Tracing


This feature aims to provide MEV searchers with in-depth insights into why their bundles were or were not included in blocks. This is an early version of the feature, and we welcome your feedback on additional data points you'd find useful.

Note: The bundle trace will be ready approximately 5 minutes after your bundle has been sent.

Rate limit: 50 requests/sec.

Using titan_getBundleStats Endpoint

To get the status of your bundle, use the titan_getBundleStats API endpoint. Below is an example request and response:

Example Request

curl -X POST -H 'content-type: application/json' -d '{"method": "titan_getBundleStats", "params": [{"bundleHash": "0x...123"}], "jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 1}' https://rpc.titanbuilder.xyz/ 

Example Response

  "result": {
    "error":"BundleRevert. Reverting Hash: 0x…456"

Understanding Bundle Statuses

The status field in the response can have multiple values, each of which provides specific information about the bundle:

  1. Received: Your bundle was received by the RPC endpoint but arrived too late to be added to the pool.

  2. Invalid: Your bundle could be invalid for various reasons. For example, invalid RLP encoding, incorrect block number, already mined nonces, incorrect Chain ID, etc... To troubleshoot, ensure that the transactions within the bundle can be simulated using an estimateGas call to your node, and that the block number is either greater than the current block or set to 0 (we will default it to the current block if set to 0).

  3. SimulationFail: This status arises from one of two scenarios, both evaluated during top-of-block simulation:

    1. Transaction revert: One or more transactions, not listed in the reverting transaction hashes, reverted.

    2. Builder payment: The net builder payment, computed as the difference between the builder's balance post-bundle and pre-bundle, is less than or equal to zero.

  4. SimulationPass: Your bundle passed top-of-block simulation but was sent too late to be considered for inclusion.

  5. ExcludedFromBlock: Your bundle was valid and passed top-of-block simulation but was not selected for inclusion. This could be due to:

    1. Insufficient bribe: While our algorithms don't solely sort by bribe, they do aim to maximise total block value. In 99% of cases, increasing your bribe should solve the issue.

    2. Late submission: This is less likely but possible if the bundle is sent very late into the slot, e.g., around slot_start + 11.5s.

  6. IncludedInBlock: Your bundle was considered by at least one of our sorting algorithms but wasn't selected for submission to the relay. This is likely because another algorithm produced a more valuable block that excluded your bundle.

  7. Submitted: Your bundle was included in a block submitted to a relay.


As this is an early version of our bundle tracing feature, we'd really appreciate your feedback. Please let us know what additional data or functionalities you would like to see!

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